Below are several videos demonstrating different techniques on detailing your car using the Porter Cable 7424/7336.  I use a variety of products to show that, no matter what product you use, you can achieve great results if you use proper procedure.

In the polishing demos I demonstrate a variety of techniques using different products, speeds, pressure and speed of movements to show that you can remove the majority of imperfections as long as you properly break down your polish.

The speed, pressure and speed of movement of the Porter Cable are determined by the type of paint, hardness of the paint, outside tempeture/humidity and condition of the paint. The thing to remember when polishing is not all paint is created equal. Some paint might need more pressure, speed, slower speed of movement etc, so doing a test spot to determine your technique (pressure, speed, etc) is an important step in the polishing process. Use these videos as a guideline to help you determine the technique that works best for your situation or paint.


Headlight Restoration
Wetsanding & Polishing

Flex XC 3401 VRG
vs. Porter Cable 7424

Porter Cable Demo Featuring Menzerna Super Intense Polish & PO106FF

Porter Cable Demos Featuring different products & procedures

Heavy Oxidation Removal Featuring Poorboys SSR3 & Meguiars Cutting Pad

Demo on how to use
the Foam Gun


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Detailing Video from Wash to Wax Featuring Pinnacle Natural Brilliance

Detailing Video Featuring Wolfgang Concours Series

How to Clean & Protect your Convertible Top with Raggtopp

Intermediate Swirl Removal Featuring Pinnacle XMT Polishes

Light Swirl Removal Featuring Pinnacle XMT Polishes

Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit for Headlights
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