Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine 


(From Optimum No Rinse website)
No Rinse™ Wash & Shine is the most technologically advanced car wash system that only requires 1-2 gallons of water to wash the entire car. No Rinse™ Wash & Shine does not require rinsing since there are no soapy surfactants to wash off into the storm drains.

This unique product contains substantive polymers which bond to the paint and protect it during the wash. Therefore, No Rinse™ Wash & Shine offers greater protection and lubricity than conventional car washes leaving a sleek & glossy finish behind afterwards. The wastewater in the bucket can be easily disposed of into a sink, where it will be treated!

Tools and Products Used

  • Two Buckets · One for ONR and one for clean water to rinse.
  • Grit Guard · I use one for both, but one in the rinse bucket should be sufficient.
  • Wash Mitt · I prefer a thick microfiber towel, but a sheepskin wash mitt works just as well.
  • Spray Bottle · with 10/1 solution of Water/ONR · I use this to presoak the section, it helps loosen the dirt and makes washing easier and reduces the risk of marring the paint.
  • Waffle Weave or Microfiber towel · for drying
  • Different Wash mitt or towel · for wheels, wheel wells, etc.


Use approximately 2 capfuls of Optimum No Rinse to 2 gallons of water. ONR does not foam like regular car soap, but the water will have slight blue color to it.

Unlike regular washing, I start with the paint first when I use ONR. Start from the top and work your way down and ending with windows, door jambs, trim, wheels and wheel wells.

Here is a before shot - this is about a week of dust, dirt, rain, etc.

I like to pre soak the section with the spray bottle containing ONR. I find this step helps further prevent marring by loosening the dirt before you actually touch the paint. About 4-5 sprays should cover the area, but use enough to cover the area. Let it dwell for about 30-60 seconds. I also use the spray bottle for door jambs.

Get your wash mitt for the ONR bucket and squeeze out some of the water to help prevent it from dripping all over the floor. The wash mitt should still be well saturated though.

Wipe the area with the saturated wash mitt. Try to avoid using pressure, let the mitt glide over the area. If you have some stubborn areas pre treat the area again and repeat.

Rinse the wash mitt in the rinse bucket after each section. Be sure to agitate it against the Grit Guard to remove any embedded dirt.

After the area is washed, wipe the area dry with a Waffle Weave or Microfiber towel. Now you can move on to the next sections.

Finished results a clean, scratch free finish, cleaned in the garage without the mess.

Optimum No Rinse Wash & shine is a great product for anyone that has limited access to water (apartment complex, mobile detailers, etc) or if the outside temperature is too hot or cold.

I've been using ONR for a while and I used it solely the whole summer and didn't have to use the hose/wash bucket method the entire time. It can get a bit messy when you clean wheels and wheel wells, so I use shop towels (on the floor of the garage, around the wheels) and rubber gloves when doing them.

Washing/drying induced marring was no different than with the traditional hose/wash bucket method. I still do use Poorboy's Spray and Wipe for light clean ups, but it's limited to light dirt and dusting. ONR works great even on heavily soiled finishes.

This is a great product and it can also save time in your detailing process (definitely cuts down on drying), I highly recommend it!

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