Migliore Carnauba Wax  


(From Migliore's website)
Migliore's original blend is a rich, pure Carnauba wax. Migliore contains over 35% pure Brazilian Carnauba combined with many other natural oils and waxes to produce outstanding shine and depth. In contrast to other paste waxes, when applied Migliore leaves a milky haze that can be buffed easily rather than flaky white residue. If you are looking for a clean, crisp, unprecedented shine, Migliore is your wax.

  • Consistency · Migliore's has a smoother but "heavier" texture and feel compared to Pinnacle Souveran.

  • Spreadability · 3-4 swipes with a foam pad will cover approximately a 2x2 area. The thicker consistency of the carrying agents tend to make Migliore's grab a bit more instead of glide across the surface like other carnaubas. It is not a huge difference, just enough for me to notice when I compared it to other waxes.

  • Dry Time · Migliore's recommends allowing the wax to dry for approximately 2 minutes before removing. The temperature was 82° and low humidity and after 2 minutes I saw no change in appearance, so I allowed it to dry up to 5 minutes, and still did not see any change in the appearance.

  • Removal · After one swipe with a microfiber towel Migliore's left a small residue on the surface. It took about 5 passes with a microfiber towel to remove all the residue. I also found that a very light spray with distilled water or quick detailer will help with removal if applied to thick.

  • Appearance · Migliore's Original Wax leaves a nice, darkening, wet look to the paint, similar to Clearkote Carnauba Moose wax.
  • Durability · I haven't used it long enough to test the durability, but like most carnauba's expect about 3-4 weeks before the appearance starts to fade and 4-8 week for protection (these times are estimates and will vary depending on the area you live in, if your car is garaged or not, etc.)

Migliore's Original Wax gives a very nice, darkening, wet look to the paint. Application and removal requires a bit more work compared to similar carnauba waxes, but it will give any paint color a dripping wet look. The thicker carrying agents/oils allow it to mask or hide small spiderweb type swirls/scratches, which is benifical if you are looking or needing to prolong polishing.

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