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This Leatherique package is all you'll need to care for your delicate leather! Its ability to restore, soften, and maintain leather seats and trim will amaze you!

Known world wide for its ability to soften even cardboard hard leather Rejuvenator Oil is a complex blend of animal proteins, collagens, with absolutely no oil fillers of any kind. Totally unlike all other leather products, it will not stain or discolor leather. It is perfectly safe for equestrian use! Simply spray or wipe onto the surface and massage into the leather with your hands. Allow for it be absorbed into the fibers. Rejuvenator Oil has a unique capillary action which forces proteins into the leather and dirt out! Repeated use will keep leather in tip top shape. Use to condition and preserve all your leather cars, saddles, tack, furniture, motorcycle leather and even apparel. Prestine Clean is the perfect cleaner to use after each application of Rejuvenator Oil to remove the displaced impurities on the surface of the leather.

The Prestine clean is absolutely the best cleaner available for all fine leather. Does not contain any harsh chemicals to dry and destroy fine leathers. Contains a conditioner which cleans and conditions leather, but to a lesser extent than our Rejuvenator Oil. Use to clean leather after the application of Rejuvenator Oil has done its job and as a maintenance cleaner and detailer on an as needed basis. This product is also an excellent cleaner and conditioner for vinyl and rubber. Use Prestine Clean every time you wash your car.

Items needed
  • Leatherique Package ·
  • Microfiber Towels ·
  • P21s Total Auto Wash · If you have more significant stains/marks, you might consider cleaning them with P21s Total Auto Wash first. This can be diluted as well.
  • Junk towels · Something to just lay over the center console, seat belt receptacle, or other areas you don't want to get product on.
  • Rubber gloves · I don't personally use them, but if you have sensitive skin or don't like to have product on your hands, you might want to wear a pair.
  • A nice, sunny, warm day ·

  • 1) Vacuum · Vacuum out the interior first. Obviously make sure you get the seats. The rest of the interior is up to you.
  • 2)Cover area around the seats · Take some of those junk towels and cover up the areas you don't want to get product on. Again, I'd suggest covering the seat belt receptacle and center console. You can go all out and cover the carpet, etc, but I really don't think thats necessary.

  • 3) Time to rejuvenate! · Using the Rejuvenator oil, spray or pour on the product on to the seats. How much you use will depend on how much leather is on your seats and how large the seats are. Typically though, 2-3 ounces per seat is about right. Don't be afraid to use a lot. Once you have some on the seats, rub it in with your hands. Get it in the creases, stitched areas, and everywhere in between. Again, don't be afraid to use a lot. It'll all come off when the time comes. For now though, you want to make sure you have good coverage b/c this is the stuff that will really deep clean and soften the leather.

    Hit other areas that are leather as well. For instance, in my car, I have leather on the steering wheel, doors/armrests, ebrake/shift boot, etc, so I hit those as well

  • 4) Let it sit · Let the Rejuvenator oil and warm weather do its job! I let the Rejuvenator oil sit as long as 24 hours, however, its not necessary to let it sit this long if you don't want to. You can apply it in the morning and take it off that afternoon if you want. I'd suggest a minimum of 3 hours though. Otherwise, you're not getting the full benefit of this stuff.
  • 5) Here's the ugly part. At this point, the Rejuvenator oil is now going to be a sticky mess. Don't be alarmed, this is totally normal. Here's few pics of what it'll probably look similar to.

  • 6) Removal · To do this, you want to take the prestine clean and spray it on to the seats. Using an ultra microfiber towel, begin to wipe away the prestine clean and Rejuvenator oil. The majority of it comes off the first pass, but once I do the seat I go back and hit it again real quick to make sure I have a totally clean surface. (note: prestine clean works well on vinyl too).

  • 7) Give the interior some time to air out · I always like to allow the seats to dry. This isn't requirement, but just something I like to do. I usually give it about an hour before I'll get in and drive.
  • 8) Admire the clean, soft leather · This is one thing pictures cant capture, and that is how soft the process makes leather. This stuff really is awesome.

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