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Here are a list of products I use for cleaning the interior of cars. I've been able to remove the majority of stains using the products listed below.

Most of these are available and can be purchased locally at Target, auto stores, etc.

Interior Cleaning Supplies
  • Windows · Stoner's Invisible Glass & 2 microfiber towels (one for cleaning, one for buffing dry) is the best combo for streak free glass.

  • Vinyl/plastic/leather cleaning · Woolite/water solution of 1:8, Stiff leather brush, detailing brushes, microfiber covered foam pad, terry towels & Mr Clean Magic Eraser. The terry towel should remove the majority of dirt and grime. If it doesn't then the Magic Eraser is a great tool for removing stubborn dirt, grime and scuffs from leather vinyl and plastic. Be careful and make sure that it is saturated with water or soap solution and use only light pressure.

    Do not use the Magic Eraser dry!
    It is too abrasive when it is dry and can damage your vinyl, plastic or leather. Test in an inconspicuous area before using.

  • Vinyl/plastic protectant · I like the matte look of 303, Meguiars #40 and Poorboys Natural Look - all 3 leave a nice matte finish...Poorboys has a mild cherry scent.

  • Leather conditioner · Zaino Leather Conditioner is one of my favorite leather conditioners available. I like it because it has the best leather smell of any conditioner I've used and it doesn't leave the surface slick or shiny. Pinnacle And Wolfgang Leather Conditioner are a close second. I've also heard great things about Leatherique but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

  • Instrument panel and laminated wood · Plexus and a Microfiber towel.

  • Carpet/upholstery cleaning · Folex, Carpet scrub brush and The Little Green Machine - Folex full strength for spots and diluted in Little Green Machine for cleaning.

  • Carpet/upholstery protectant · 303 Fabric Guard is a great product and lasts 10x longer then Scotch Guard.

  • Tools I use · The Little Green Machine, Metro Vac-n-Blo, Carpet scrub brush, leather brush - Stiff & Horse Hair , Microfiber towels, terry cloth towels, terry covered foam applicator, Mr Clean Eraser, vent brush, detailing brush and compressed air.


Start cleaning the interior by removing the floor mats & thoroughly vacuum mats, carpets & seats.

Seat Cleaning
  • For leather seats ·
    I use Woolite/water mixture (1:8) with a leather brush and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (make sure the Magic Eraser is well saturated).

    First I saturate the leather with Woolite mixture then use the brush to remove any debris or grime from the seams. I then clean the whole seat with the Magic Eraser, it works really well at removing grime and oils from the creases in the leather. This will leave the seats soft and a nice matte finish ready for conditioner.

  • For cloth seats ·
    I've had good luck with Little Green Machine and Folex* or a foam type upholstery cleaner, both work really well.

    Treat any stains with full strength Folex before cleaning*. After the seats have dried treat with 303 Fabric Guard - this gives about 2-3 months protection on used areas (driver seats, arm rests, ect) and about 6 months on not so heavily used areas.

    *(always test a spot before cleaning)

Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber
  • Before I apply any protectant to the plastic/vinyl, I clean out the crevices and vents with the brushes and compressed air.

  • Depending on the severity of the grime on these areas any vinyl/rubber protectant will clean them fine. For scuffs and heavily soiled arm rests again the Magic Eraser works great at removing them. I use it with the woolite mixture.

  • I prefer a matte finish for my plastic/vinyl so I apply the Vinyl/plastic protectant to a terry covered sponge applicator pad and dress all the trim and rubber in the car. After I dress everything I go back and buff off the residue or excess with a terry towel or microfiber to leave a nice matte finish.

  • For instrument clusters, stereos, and laminated trim I use Plexus and a microfiber towel. You can spray it on the towel or on the area.

Carpet and Floor Mats
  • I use The Little Green Machine, but a wet dry vac will work just as well. Treat any area stains with full strength Folex or Carpet Cleaner and work it in to remove stain. Clean carpet and mats with diluted Folex or Carpet Cleaner and water about 1:5 ratio. Treat with a Fabic Guard if desired.

Door Jambs
  • Any Quick Detailer works great but I prefer Poorboys Spray & Wipe, a microfiber towel & a tooth brush for hard to reach places. An All Purpose Cleaner might be needed for heavily soiled jambs then followed up by a Quick Detailer.

  • I use Stoners Invisible Glass and 2 micofiber towels, one for cleaning and one for buffing. I try to clean the windshield before cleaning the dash so the overspray doesn't ruin my vinyl/plastic protectant.

Click Here for some before & after pictures using the above Products and Methods
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